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Testing at AMU Fort Hood

1982.  Fort Hood.  Officer in Charge of the Advanced Marksmanship Unit (AMU) was CW3 Edward Isenberg.  

Chief Isenberg was responsible for making sure the 160 NM-M14 National Match rifles were accurate and met or exceeded National Match standards.  Only the most accurate rifles were used in competitions at state and regional matches.

The rifles were also used for the standard National Match course of fire at matches conducted throughout U.S. Army facilities in the U.S.; in addition, the NM rifles were used by different teams from Fort Hood for the national matches at Camp Perry.  

Chief Isenberg used a single Weaver T-10 Scope and Bassett Standard Scope Mount unit to test 160 rifles for accuracy, three times a year for 2 years. 

He shot four 5-round groups, slow fire, at 100 yards.  If the accuracy was acceptable, the rifle was marked acceptable for match use.  He removed the scope and mount unit and put it on the next rifle and shot another four 5-round groups, and so on with 160 rifles.  Three times a year for two years.  Ammo used was Lake City NM M118 173grain bullets.

The Bassett mount was the most useful tool used to determine the accuracy of the rifles. By using the T10 Weaver and the Bassett mount, he eliminated many possible shooter errors which resulted in a truer test of the rifles’ accuracy.  

Doing the math, that comes to 19,200 rounds against the same scope and mount unit.  The mount never showed signs of shifting or wear on the action.

During these runs, it was determined that 22 inch-pounds to be sufficient to hold the mount with no shifting and yet not distort the rifle action or compromise accuracy.  This is why Bassett Machine recommends using a consistent installation of 22 inch-pounds.

Chief Isenberg, now retired military, is the owner of Just Glocks, Inc.  He can be contacted at or visit his web site at


















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