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Field test review of picatinny Rail Scope Mount

by Art Luppino (m14Firinglineforum)


As posted on the M14 FiringLine Forum by Art Luppino (08-24-2008, 10:14 AM)

(link is broken as of March 2018, leaving link for historical and citation purposes)


The New Bassett Scope Mount Evaluation.

Testing the new Bassett scope mount for the purpose of determining if it is an improvement over the first model indicated it is NOT an improvement. It has additional features, which Mr. Bidwell will add his expertise on soon. The overall quality is the same, Excellent, best mount on the market in my opinion. Even Mr. Bassett was not up to the task of improving his own design, but then, seldom can perfection be improved, I challenged Bill to develop a mount that requires NO tools to install, bet I'll lose this one.  Art



Art Luppino, Platoon Commander, 08-24-08, 02:16pm

[Quoted: Post by XSabers:  "Art, what are the criteria you base your assessment on? I'm considering a mount for my rifle.  What makes the Basset better than an SEI, Sadlak, or ARMS 18? I've been reading lots of opinions on various forums and frankly, I'm not sure what is hype and what is real. Can you help me out?"]

"XSaber, I have tested all the major brands and Bassett runs away with best mount. Nobody else is even close in my opinion.  A scope mount should provide a stable means to support the scope. The scope should return very close to Zero if removed and replaced. Other features should be: Quick, simple, uncomplicated and foolproof installation. No more that one tool required. I believe, since this is a combat weapon, the process should be able to be done in the dark, and by Marines."












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